Thursday, February 10, 2011

the shortest month of the year

i can't believe it's march already! where did the time go? i know february is the shortest month of the year, but MAN!

i've had so much going on at work, and home and on the side, that i haven't even had the time or energy to write about it. i have been on my major grind/hustle (grustle?) in the last month or so. i hope to share details and good news sometime soon.

since i was m.i.a. the whole month of february, let me give you a quick recap:
at the beginning of the month, the biggest game in sports took place in my hometown. with ticket prices running north of $500 (for the cheap seats!), we definitely weren't going to make the game, but i still wanted to experience a little piece of the action so we drove up from h-town and hang out while giving my folks some always appreciated time with babylove. gotta love free babysitting.

after almost having to scrap our plans due to a freak winter ice storm we ended up taking in a comedy show, and babylove got to experience her first taste (literally) of snow since it came down really heavy in the dallas area.

she's so fricking cute!

we ended up having a cool time with my family before heading back to houston.

i started back working out with a vengeance all through the month and even had a couple of sessions with a personal trainer to kick-start me into getting back in shape in time for babylove's first birthday, which is coming up soon. i'm trying to avoid being that chick that blames the loss of her figure on having a baby, even though said "baby" is now 6 years old.

i'm not really big on weighing myself, which i should probably start doing since i'm convinced that i have body dysmorphia when it comes to my weight. but a few of my clothes are getting looser and my hubby has even noticed, so i guess i'm on the right track.

the trainer did take some baseline measurements, but i never got the ending measurements. it was one of those groupon deals where i got 3 free sessions for super cheap. but the whole time i was really dreading the hard sell at the end, so after my 3rd (and supposedly final) session, when the trainer offered to let me come one more time, i took that as the perfect opportunity to later cancel by text, thereby eliminating any awkward interactions on my part. yay for texting!

i've already started march off with a bang, but the one thing that i've started doing in the last few weeks is to really take time out daily to read my Bible and meditate on the word and try to really figure out what God has in store for me. i'm just bursting with ideas and don't even the energy to get everything done, so i just want to make sure that i'm on the right path and using my time and resources as wisely as possible.

until next time...

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