Thursday, July 15, 2010

what a difference 4 years makes

so...where to begin?

4 years to the day my last post was written, i found myself married to a wise (and very cute) man and at home on maternity leave with the baby of said wise (and very cute) man.

my absence wasn't exactly on purpose. it was more a combination of being a super private (to the point of paranoia) person and also not really being sure that i had anything worth saying to anyone but myself. and while both of these are probably still the case ;-), i've decided to give this another shot.

in the 4+ years since i started this blog, the whole blogging thing has come a long way. even though weblogs weren't totally unheard of in '06, the whole concept of keeping this online accounting of one's whole life just seemed very weird to me back then. i've always loved to write, but having a blog just struck me as kinda self-important and grandiose (ironically this is EXACTLY the same way i feel about twitter now).

the first blog that i remember reading was the smitten, which actually doesn't even exist anymore (in its previous format anyway).

but since then, i've connected with quite a few blogs out on the "interwebs". i look to john and sherry when i need inspiration for fixing up my new-old home. i check out nicole's blog when i want to change up my style. it would have been nice to have jozen's p.o.v. back when i was a dating chica. and i can't forget to mention how ryan and desiree's blogs both win my "keeping it real" award.

i can't quite remember how i stumbled upon all of these blogs. but it's pretty cool to be able to identify with all of these slices of life out there.

when i was in grad school (sometime between when i wrote my last post and now), i took this class where we learned about the diffusion of innovations theory. it basically breaks the population into categories based on how accepting people are of new things.

so go ahead and lump me in with the laggards, i FINALLY have an active blog! and i give you permission to laugh at me if it takes me until 2014 to set up a twitter account.

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