Sunday, August 15, 2010

hill country wedding

this past weekend we went to austin for the wedding of a good friend of mine.  it was my babylove's first official road trip (not counting the trip to my hometown when she was a couple of months old). 

despite missing the actual ceremony :( due to the chronic lateness of my darling husband unforseen issues, we had a great time and got to bear witness to the beginning of their journey as a family.being nigerian, i'm used to weddings being a huge event with hundreds of guests partying all night.  this couple was american, so it was kind of nice to enjoy ourselves, drink a little wine, cupid shuffle a little and be back in our hotel room by 11 that night. 

the trip was also part business.  the bride hired me to create the programs for the event.
black tie affair.  p.s. isn't that pillow gorgeous?!

i love everything relating to entertaining and decorating.  i originally decided to design my own pieces when i realized that everything that i liked was a) friggin' expensive and b) things that i could do myself.  i ended up creating the save the dates, reply cards and programs for my own wedding.  since i'm totally a "champagne taste on a beer budget" kind of girl, i really like to keep costs reasonable for all of my designs.

in the etsy version of my fantasy life, i would turn this hobby into a full blown operation and joyfully spend all my days matching paper samples to wedding themes.  in the meantime, i have had the chance to play a small part in some very big days.

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