Friday, August 27, 2010

naija roll call: stacie turner

i'm loving the dc edition of bravo's real housewives series (rhodc for those in the know).  during last night's episode, which i actually got to watch on the day it aired (a rare occurrence since my babylove arrived), we found out some interesting tidbits about stacie turner, one of the housewives.

stacie has the distinction of being the only african-american housewife on the show.  like our lovely michelle, she has a graduate degree from harvard, a successful career, and two young kids.

we already knew from past episodes that stacie was adopted as an infant. but in last night's episode, we found out that she also has something in common with michelle's husband. it turns out that she is the bi-racial daughter of a caucasian mother and african father- a nigerian to be exact.

i would have never guessed that she was one of my people. no wonder i like her so much. :)

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