Tuesday, September 07, 2010

james bond swag

it's been a while since my husband and i have been to the movies together. we have netflix, so unless a movie is supposed to be really good (like, the last two twilight movies, both of which i saw at the theater despite having to endure frequent pregnancy-induced bathroom breaks)* we usually just wait for the movie to come to us rather than going to it. i had seen commercials for the movie, takers, and immediately liked the "look" of the movie. because of the baby, we couldn't go see it on opening weekend, which i usually like to do. but, this past friday, my sister was nice enough to watch babylove for us so that we could go on our little movie date.

we ended up going to a theater at the local outlet mall since it was closest to her house. we ended up lost in teenage date land, plus we missed the first five minutes of the movie (boo!). the plot, about a ring of sophisticated thieves, was decent enough, but it was well worth it just to take in all the visuals. in addition tothe clothes, flashy cars and the man candy (which i totally did not notice btw), the guys' homes had the coolest design schemes, very james bond swag. i couldn't find good screen shots of them from the movie, but here are a few pictures so that you can visualize:

there was also this really cool rat-packish lounge that the group would hang out in with dim lighting, dark leather furniture and built-in wall safes and vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred).

one of the more climactic scenes in the movie took place at the historic roosevelt hotel in hollywood. we actually walked right by the hotel on our trip to lala land in june, but didn't think to go in. i kinda figured it would have outdated decor and furniture with hard cushions that you can't get comfortable on no matter how hard you try. missed out on that experience.

so, that was my take on takers, lots of eye candy of various types and a fun date night for all involved.

*since my husband is not a twilight fan, i had to disqualify him from attending with me...i'm sure he really cared. ;-)

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