Thursday, September 02, 2010

type a

 in addition to being a new mommy of my sweet little babylove, i'm a full-time worker bee and also volunteer with a few charity organizations in the houston area.  i've always been the type of person that loves to give back.  i do feel very blessed and grateful for everything that i have.  but even when i had nothing but time,  there's something that i've always liked about getting out and helping others.  all throughout my pregnancy i was on the go-heading to this meeting or that gala or using weekends to catch up on phone calls to this and that committee.  with a new baby taking up what little free time i have, you might wonder why i even bother to keep up the extra-curriculars.

most of the charities that i have worked with focus on some sort of health disparity, which is an issue that i personally find really interesting.  i also really like the networking aspect of meeting people from different backgrounds and having the shared experience of making a change in the community.  for the first time since i went back to work (in early june) i finally feel like i'm getting back to my regular self.  but even though i have had to cut down on a few outside commitments, i still can't seem to get rid of my addiction to multi-tasking.  that being said, i do place a lot more consideration into how i choose to spend my time.

lately this has led to my (slight) frustration in how things are playing out with some of my organizations.  i'm naturally a very motivated, goal-oriented person and i get super focused when it comes getting the job done.  on the flip side, i get a massive brain itch that i can't scratch when others can't seem to do the same.  yesterday, a girlfriend of mine asked me if i am a type a personality.  now while the definition does contain some parts that i don't have any problem with, calling someone type a isn't exactly regarded as a compliment.

i try to be a pretty self-aware person, so although i can cop to having a bit of that in me, i'm usually repeatedly reminding myself to take a step back, breathe, and play my role instead of trying to take things over and do them the way that i think that they should be done. 

but, just to make sure, i decided to take a personality test (i know, how "type a" of me).  i was glad to see that i am NOT a strictly type a person, but that i have a mixture of personality types.

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