Friday, September 03, 2010

labor days

for a while after i had my little one, each day was consumed by everything baby-related.  by the time i had fed, bathed, dressed, changed, fed, played with and put the baby to bed, i would look up and my entire day would be gone.  things started to get a little better….until i went back to work.  then i ended up a sleep-deprived zombie shuffling through each phase of my day until crashing in bed each evening.  five and a half months in, i’m happy to report that i’m FINALLY getting back to normal and feeling more like myself.  which means i’ve got a ton of projects planned for my new-old house that had fallen by the wayside during my baby growing/birthing.  my physical energy level still hasn’t quite caught up to my mental, so for this upcoming holiday weekend i’ve picked just a couple of projects that i hope to get done without pooping out.

redo the guest room
our guest room has come a long way.  for a good year or so after we moved in, it was that room where the door basically stayed closed because i was too embarrassed to let anyone see the stash of boxes, unopened wedding gifts and random stuff that we had in there.

get rid of some clothes
i already have a little box of clothes that i’ve been meaning to take to goodwill for the past i don’t know how long.  before i got pregnant, we had planned on doing a big overhaul of the closet in our master bedroom and i’ve been using the fact that it hasn’t happened yet as an excuse to hold onto a bunch more clothes that need to go as well.  after reading this post i might try to add a few more things to the box.

i have several piles of clean laundry lying around that i need to hang up and put away.  my husband, who has a ton of clothes, is really great at doing the laundry (read: he is great at operating the washer and dryer). from there, the clothes usually end up living on the couch or the guest room bed until he needs to wear them.  i’m a little guilty of this as well, but  in our defense, the current closet setup kind of sucks.  hopefully after the reno it will be more functional and easier to use.  in the meantime, i still need all the clean clothes off of the bed so that i can make my guest room nice and lovely for all of those nice, lovely house guests that we hardly ever have sleep over.

that shouldn’t be too much for me to get done in a three-day weekend, right?

wishful thinking

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